Monday, December 13, 2010

Zippered Pouch

My first zip pouch!

I tackled my first zippered pouch on Friday. I was so nervous because I haven't sewn with zips in ages. But it worked out just fine! I used this great tutorial over at Flossie Teacakes with the addition of linen piecing along the bottom (coupled with Leaves | Sky from My Happy Nursery) and a handy lip balm pocket on the interior- because no matter how small the bag I always lose my lip balm!

Zip Pouch Interior


  1. looks great! I love the linen combo!

  2. great job! Zippies are addictive to make; watch out!

  3. What a great idea! I think I'll do the same thing with some of My Happy Garden!

  4. I'm so pleased you found the tutorial useful - yours looks gorgeous and I love the Cloud 9 zip pull - that's such a good idea - it's making me think that the colour dots from selvedges could be used as zip pulls too.

    It's odd timing indeed to come on here and find you using one of my tutorials as I'm just in the middle (literally - the pieces are next to me on the floor...I've just become distracted by my Google Reader for a moment) of cutting into a piece of My Happy Nursery Leaves in Sky...which is destined to be made into a Man Quilt - out of the context of the rest of the nursery collection it actually works really well as a more grown-up looking print too.

    Florence x


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